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Head Office:
JL. MH Thamrin Km 4, Cikokol, Tangerang, 15117

JL. MH Thamrin Km 4, Cikokol, Tangerang, 15117 Jl.  Argobusono 1, Ledok, Argomulyo, Salatiga 50732

Argo Manunggal Triasta represent the world of finest quality textiles that carry out the true essentialde-mand for comfort, protection and functionality. We delivered a wide range of innovative value added products with integrated and vertical servicesfor textile industry needs including company clothing, technical to lifestyle apparel. In 2003, Argo Manunggal Textile was established as a subsidiary company of Argo Manunggal Group. Within a year, in 2004, apparel group was established to widen Argo Manunggal Textile services. The division produced high quality finished garment to supply the world renowned brand. Argo Manunggal Textile formed a strategic alliance with Nextec Applications Inc, USA to produce and market the Epic by Nextec brand performance fabric. Argo Workwear was launched as a fabric brand of Argo Manunggal Textile, focusing on global technical workwear and corporate wear. Expansion Plan in Garment produc-tion was realized on 2007 which resulted in acguiring major European customers.

Important milestone of launching "Argo Care" as important brand of textile-related waste management business development. In Argo Care business division has started busi-ness in Europe, Japan, Korea. In 2013, Argo Manunggal Textile changed name into Argo Manunggal Triasta. Until now, growth is the only agenda. Argo Workwear important achieve-ment to be positioned equally with other European textile manufactur-ers in A+A exhibition at Dusseldorf, Germany. This has brought tremen-dous attention from European Tex-tiles Community.